Siemens E83CC 12AX7 Std 1

Siemens E83CC 12AX7 Std

Price per tube:$150.00


Product Description

” Joshua, love the Siemens E83CC tubes. Put them up against ribbed Telefunkens and Mullards M8137s and they came in on top! I’d like to purchase another matched and balanced pair to have as a backup. Thanks!” Carlos Lopez Wellington FL


Siemens Rohre E83CC Made in Munich West Germany in 1977-1979, these are an excellent choice for audio hifi or guitar amps. Extremely low microphonics and huge wide open sound stage make these an excellent choice for the most finicky audiophile or guitar player. Known for their clear, transparent quality, the Siemens E83CC have unparalled detail, resolution, and a sweeet high end! All pieces are thoroughly noise tested and screened for microphonics, and then additionally tested for gas, shorts, leakage, and transconductance on our computerized and calibrated Hickok 118B.  If you are an audiofile or musician, you owe it to yourself to pick up a couple of these NOS tubes! Tubes Unlimited has one of the largest known supplies left in the world of these amazing tubes, so we can offer unprecedented matching and noise testing! Considered to be THE “reference” 12ax7 by Audio Research Corporation.


For lab screened low noise versions of this tube click here.

For lab screened Super low noise version (quietest of the quiet!) of this tube click here


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