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    Siemens Valvo E84L

    Siemens Valvo E84L

    "Joshua, got the e84l's today and put a set in my Dr. Z Maz 18 nr. They sounded great. Great tubes from a great guy. Thanks, John G. Wheat"   NOS Siemens E84L- 1960's rebranded for french military by RTC-NOS NIB Siemens E84LSiemens E84L NOS (RTC Branded) Recommended for Komet K19 amp,Morgan amps, Vox amps, Trainwreck, Dr. Z Z Wreck and other Dr. Z amps etc! 13.5 watts max plate dissipation with 450V max plate volts. Perfect for any amp which takes an EL84 tube! Identical Current Pairs and Quads! We got in 400 pcs of these amazing E84L tubes made by Siemens so we can offer unprecedented matching on quads! Identical Current Pairs and Quads (all tubes being identical mA draw - 0.5 mA) Perfect for HIFI applications! $199.99 per tube This is a suitable replacement for any 6BQ5 = EL84 = CV2975 = E84L = 7189  tube type. Various brands available.    

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