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    7308 E188CC Mullard England NOS 1970's

    7308 E188CC Mullard England NOS 1970’s

    7308 E188CC Mullard England NOS 1970's Made in UK Mitcham factory E188CC 7308- Dimple Disc getter- Probably the best quality Drop In Replacement for the 6DJ8 E88CC tube available! These amazing tubes are known for their amazing midrange and detailed inner resolution and have some of the highest strength and test results we have seen in any 7308 E188CC tube. NOS, original military boxes branded for the French military by RTC. $299 per tube!  We were ale to secure 100 pcs of these, so we can provide extremely tight matching and screen all tubes on our VTV Tube Characterizer for noise and microphonics! An excellent replacement for any 6DJ8 tube type.

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