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    Amperex 7119 E182CC

    Regardless of the branding (Amperex, Valvo, Siemens, Calvert etc) the Holland made 7119=E182CC (although not a direct substitue but similar to 12BH7 with a  10,000 heater) is a premium quality twin triode. An excellent substitute for the 7044, 5687 and 6900. Perfect for the following equipment: Modwright preamp. Audio Note: DAC 4, Jinro amp, L3, M3. Various Manley units, Ray Samuels Raptor, B52. Aria VW5XL.  Modwright Sony DVP999ES. Audion 845 Black Shadow. Bottlehed Smack. Enter qty 2 for a matched pair. Various brandings, all are Holland made. $79.99 per tube

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