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    Philips 6L6WGB / Sylvania 5881

    Philips 6L6WGB / Sylvania 5881

    Perfect 6L6WGB /5881 tube for Fender amplifiers requiring 5881's or 6L6's. You can use these as a substitute in 6L6GC amps for less headroom and your guitar amp should breakup at lower volumes.

    Many of our customers also use these in Fender Deluxe amps to obtain more clean headroom without having to modify or alter the circuit (drop in replacement with a simple re-bias) Excellent choice for Two-Rock and most other 6L6GC amps with plate voltage up to 470 volts and usually results in less clean headroom. All tubes are screened and matched for current draw. Either branded Sylvania or Philips (both JAN and non-Jan production) NOS in original boxes.  Lowest Price on the web!  Just $79.99 per tube or $170 per matched pair!

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